We help our customers to make the world a healthier place
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We help our customers to make the world a healthier place

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About Propers Trading

PropersTrading has been in supply & retail since 2019. We offer a large variety of products from laboratory equipment, suitable for testing different analyses, to supplying reagents, consumables etc. The technology that we use is simple yet very reliable. Our team of experts offers 24/7 customer support and our team of technical gurus are on standby 24/7, ready to assist whenever needed.

We have a large variety of different products – raw materials for the production of soft, semi-soft and liquid pharmaceutical forms, coatings for tablets, laboratory plastics, reagents for laboratory equipment, protective equipment and all types of antigen tests

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major of strategically important relationships with medical doctors over the past years

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relationships in europe with pharmacy stores to deliver of new medicines to market

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We provide only certificated products

Covid Tests
Lab Plasticware
Lab Supplies
Raw Materials For Pharmaceuticals
Medical equipment
Laboratory Products
Lab Equipment
Lab Supplies Maintenance

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    We deliver the best quality products in a short period of time.

    PropersTrading has a unique way of packaging and our supply chain is offering solutions to deliver products efficiently and to help our customers to make the world a healthier place. We react with a lightning fast speed.
    We have our own, fleet of planes which are ready to fly to the designated area. Delivery time from after the order is received – 10-12 days. Being in this field of logistics for a long time we have a lot of experience in delivering fragile cargo, ADR cargo as well as cargo that needs to maintain specific temperature levels.

    Service Maintenance

    Alongside this, we have an opportunity-driven approach to create value from our medical science for patients through new computer technologies & IT-medical softwares. As a medical supply organisation, we trust in the potential of ideas and pursue them. We apply our experience and expertise to reduce the total cost of healthcare and to improve the lives of patients. We’re accountable for our results and unrivalled in our scope. Our highly experienced project team offer complete design and installation for modular and conventional construction, RMS, BMS, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and sprinkler systems, standard and access flooring, plus cleanroom testing and certification according to GMP standards.

    Our Team

    General Management

    General management department is our atlas. It holds the whole team closer to the sun giving us great ideas to work on. The complicated mechanism of our supply chain requires 24/7 monitoring in order to our client always receiving the proper service and ordered supplies to continue the work flow.


    Sales Department consists of the gurus with the unique sales technique. There is no person that they can’t find an approach to. Not only the proper service but also best offset awaits anyone who is willing to work with us. Our number one rule is to first give the best to the client and then only us.


    Technical support has many advantages but one needs to have a separate introduction. People in our team do not know words “sorry we can’t help you with this issue”. They know everting about our product and are willing to help you in the shortest period of time 24/7. Whether it is a computer problem or a mechanical issue that needs a part replacement.

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